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Find the information about cricket players profiles of $mainCountryName starting with alphabet "I"

England Players Start with I

S# Player Name Full Name Dubut
1. I Wardlaw Iain Wardlaw
2. ID Austin Ian David Austin 1998
3. IR Bell Ian Ronald Bell 2004-05
4. ID Blackwell Ian David Blackwell 2002
5. IJ Gould Ian James Gould 1983
6. IA Greig Ian Alexander Greig 1982
7. IAR Peebles Ian Alexander Ross Peebles 1927
8. IDK Salisbury Ian David Kenneth Salisbury 1992
9. NI Thomson Norman Ian Thomson 1964
10. IJ Ward Ian James Ward 2001
11. Hon. IFW Bligh Ivo Francis Walter Bligh 1882
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